Discover the Best Hotels in Athens: A Blend of Luxury, Culture, and Comfort

hotels in athens

Athens is the cradle of civilization and a city teeming with exceptional hospitality offerings that cater to every taste and style. From historic landmarks to modern luxury, the hotels in Athens provide a gateway to the rich heritage and vibrant contemporary life of Greece’s capital. Here’s a curated list of notable hotels in Athens, each offering unique experiences, including the artistic haven of Shila-Athens.

Athens: A Tapestry of Cultural Riches and Luxurious Hospitality

Athens, a city steeped in history and bursting with culture, offers travelers a vivid journey through time. Here, ancient monuments stand as proud sentinels of the past. And the city’s vibrant street life and bustling markets offer a taste of its dynamic present. Amidst this historical backdrop, Athens boasts a range of hotels catering to the luxury seeker and the culturally curious traveler. Each provides a unique gateway to explore this magnificent city.

Best Hotels in Athens


Shila-Athens is a captivating boutique hotel in the heart of Athens, where the past meets the present in an elegant embrace. The hotel has an artful décor and a serene ambiance. Shila-Athens is a haven for art lovers. It boasts diverse art collections and a tranquil rooftop garden that perfectly escapes the city’s lively pace. The hotel’s library lounge provides a cozy retreat for guests to unwind, surrounded by books and the city’s inspiring history. A remarkable 20% spring discount makes staying here even more enticing, blending luxury with cultural enrichment.

Shila Athens Best hotels in Athens

Hotel Grande Bretagne 

It is a beacon of luxury at Syntagma Square. Hotel Grande Bretagne offers majestic views of the Acropolis and boasts facilities catering to the most discerning guests. This landmark hotel is synonymous with historical grandeur, featuring opulent rooms, a luxurious spa, and a rooftop restaurant where guests can dine under the Athenian sky, overlooking the city’s timeless landmarks.

King George Hotel

Located near the grandeur of Syntagma Square, it is celebrated for its classical elegance and exceptional service. This prestigious hotel offers a regal experience, with a history of hosting dignitaries and celebrities, and provides guests with lavish accommodations and a taste of the city’s illustrious past.

Electra Metropolis Athens 

Just a stone’s throw from Syntagma Square, Electra Metropolis Athens modernizes the Athenian hospitality scene. This hotel offers a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the Acropolis, a contemporary spa, and an indoor pool, making it a favorite for those who appreciate modern aesthetics and luxury.

NJV Athens Plaza

Also situated at Syntagma Square, it provides prime access to Athens’ cultural and historical sites. The hotel boasts spacious, elegantly furnished rooms and is renowned for its gourmet dining. It offers a refined base to explore the city’s ancient marvels.

St George Lycabettus 

It is an emblem of sophistication in the upscale district of Kolonaki. St George Lycabettus is known for its panoramic views of the Acropolis from the rooftop terrace. The hotel is a hub for cultural experiences, regularly hosting art exhibitions and events that reflect Athens’ rich artistic heritage.

Divani Caravel Hotel

Near the National Gallery, the Divani Caravel Hotel offers a luxurious retreat with a rooftop pool and comprehensive spa facilities, all framed by sweeping city views. Renowned for its excellent service and extensive conference facilities, it appeals to leisure and business travelers.

Hilton Athens

Famous for its distinctive architecture and premium amenities, it features a well-known rooftop bar and a vast conference center, making it a pivotal site for international gatherings. Its modern facilities and strategic location make it a landmark in Athens’ hospitality scene.

AthensWas Hotel

It is a design-centric hotel on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street that stands out for its interpretation of classical Greek aesthetics. Its proximity to the historic district of Plaka and the Acropolis makes it ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in Athens’ ancient history in a modern setting.

The Margi

Lastly, The Margi, in the exclusive area of Vouliagmeni, offers a boutique experience emphasizing privacy and luxury. Its unique farm-to-table dining and serene spa environment, surrounded by pine forests, provides a tranquil escape from the urban bustle, perfect for those seeking peace and relaxation in a luxurious setting.

hotels athens


Each hotel in Athens offers a distinct flavor of the city’s rich tapestry. It provides guests a place to stay and a portal to experience Greek hospitality and culture. Whether you are drawn to the historical grandeur of Hotel Grande Bretagne or the artistic allure of Shila-Athens, your stay in Athens will surely be unforgettable.

Athens offers diverse accommodations that promise comfort, luxury, and an immersive cultural experience. From the art-filled halls of Shila-Athens to the regal elegance of Hotel Grande Bretagne, each hotel captures a unique aspect of Athens’ rich heritage. Whether you seek the modern comforts and stunning city views of Electra Metropolis or the secluded luxury of The Margi, Athens’ hotels provide the perfect settings to explore the history, culture, and vibrant life of this timeless city. Each establishment ensures a memorable stay, steeped in the warm hospitality for which Greece is renowned.

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